Tuesday, 18 October 2011

♥ there's always a reason for somthing :3

want to see my brand new face :D ?

wait aa ..

emm this is me :)
i know im not perfect  doesn't mean you can do such thing that hurt me ..
you know ?
i really love you ..
i didn't believe at first that you have another girlfriend ..
after i check back all the detail in your account .. i felt this world would end ..
its true that you have another gf ..
i try to chill .. but i can't .. so i took out my rosary ..
i pray to Jesus that i could forgive you after what you have done to me ..
i make my own rosary pray in my room ..
after i pray , i try to ask you why you cheat me ..
at first you cheat me when i ask u ..
its hurt me so damn much ..
nevermind .. after all this things happen .. i could learn something that can teach me mean of being love and cheat ..
now .. i forgive you .. because i love u , and i need u ..
you think its doesn't hurt me when i ask u to leave me ???
its hurt ...
after we couple back again .. this is the last chance okay .. please use it wisely ..
honestly i said .. i never felt boring when texting or being with you ..
im very happy cause still can communicate with u :)
sorie if this word hurt u ..
but this honestly from me .. i want u to know :)
thanks ..