Friday, 21 October 2011

♥ got to find my own way :D

there was a boy who was kept on disturbing me .. he's kind ..he help me if i've got trouble ..
when i fight with anyone who hurt me , he'll help me ..
i accept him as a friend , not more than that .
but one day he said , he want to met me and my friend ..
i late :(
but he's still there , i didn't know why he want to met us ..
when i ask him 'why' .. he just said ' nothing , just want to play around '
after 4 days .. he text me ..
he said he love me .. i blank ..
he said he will wait for me .. but i suggest him to find someone that better than me ..
because i already taken bro :)
im just your sweet little friend :d
and he just said okay , and we be friends until now .. :D
the end ..