Thursday, 22 March 2012

♥disaster me ?

hey , ujian I  . semuanya lulus :D thanks God ..

and this is my new picture :)

Friday, 16 March 2012


Lastnight , i took my time to review form 1 and form 2 mathematics and it makes my head hurt :P
So , i took out my Harry Potter books . Its so much fun to read it . As I was in the story being with him . lol . Before I forget , I'll show u my newest photo . I getting fat a bit and i hate it .

tadaaa  :D took it on last sunday 
omg , almost forgot  . He is back tomorrow from sepitang . Gosh , 
i miss him a lot >.< 
I cant wait to see him , i want to hug him.
Its been 1 months 2 weeks we dont met 
I wish him miss me like I do :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

♥ holiday time

Hey , i want to tell u all bout what had happen 12/3-14/3  .
Me and my friends join the "Seminar HidupBaru Dalam Roh " for the second time in my life :)
On the second night , i felt a lit bit scary because we all gather at the big field of the church for inner healing , all the light is closed accept the stage light . The inner healing process make me want to shout loudly . There are alot of us crying , some of them talking loudly and the other shout loudly that makes me feel scare . There are many type of lecture also , the lecturer make us laught until my stomach hurt . hahaa
And the last day , i want to share something here . The process outpouring of the Holy Spirit , went we all pray for the Holy Spirit come to our heart . My hands shaking and my body are shaking , and i felt i being hug by someone that i couldn't see . I believe that is Jesus Christ :) I want to change myself to be a better person . I hate my sins . I got many new friends there such as : Nanak , Chong , Therence , Joel  and the others . They all being nice to me , and i appreciate that :)
When we all being told by the MC to hug each others , my friends hug me and they are crying . I felt sad to see my friends crying in front of me . Okay thats all i want to tell u all :) love ya all ♥

Friday, 9 March 2012

♥Saturday :)

hey bloggie , last nite sy pgi birthday bestie sy . that is Nicole :)
God bless :)
tdy kn . sy nangis . sbab , laokung sy mara ne :P
tapi kami ok liao :D

this is me for March :) i think im getting fat a bit :P hahaa

Thursday, 1 March 2012

♥March :)

Hey bloggie , bangas sua ko ne bloggie lma nda update XD
tdy d skul lucu ne , sap jadi  zoo tingkat 3 d skolah tyme rehat .
mula suda ne mo bwat krja krusus . mo betabur ne otak sy :P tapi tiapa , ne taun trpksa liao lo .
oya, 1 bulan lebi liao sy nda jmpa lemak2 sy wor :3
ne bln dy blik da . yeah :D .. tea sbar mo jmpa dy ne ..

lalalalalala , inilah abaii yg skg :) 
okay , bye bloggie mo mandi lu ♥