Thursday, 31 January 2013


Its been 4 days he at there  and I going to struggle for my exam for march . Since there nothing i need to do again with my private life . I will keep myself busy about school things , church activities and tuition . This will make me feel better cause im still sad my bestie and  my superguy is no here being with me . So , I need to make myself more confidence and strong . This will be better i guess . I miss them so much . :3 

I hope he will not forget me . Well this year im in 4rasional . third class but thats nothing to be proud about . 
I can feel a bit hard for acc subject but it's still okay as long i can understand . Tomorrow my tuition class will begin . Its kinda new life for me because i lost my old friend , and i also felt weird cause he's not at here . I realize all that happen because im growing up . So , I just need some relaxes . my mind in a messy yesterday , I also be friends again with my enemy . Its weird . But its okay because i dont want to have haters . I need to change now , my attitude need to be more mature because i know things doesn't the same anymore . Seriously , i hate getting this kind of feelings where u just need one person to hold your hands and told you things will be fine . I really dont like this . Last week when im alone at home I scream loud as I can because i want those junk feelings out from me . Well , I meet new friends at school . A lot . All of my new friends is called by people as "cina kabun" . I guess them wrong , they are nice people and not suppose to be called like that . I hate getting my stomach hurt so many times , this disease makes me stronger . I miss him :') 
But its doesn't make sense anymore because Im not going to see him until May . But I believe in one qoutes thats say , Distance doesn't make sense if you care about someone . Whatever happens syg , i love u opu :')