Friday, 20 January 2012

♥trolololololol day :P

Its just the third week i go to school , im happy to meet my crazy friends :D
in class i sit infront near the teacher , my friends also did the same like me , we want to hear what teacher said , b'cause this year we will have PMR exam , oh god . arap2 la lulus . Amen :D hahaa
ari tu lo nda slap ari 4 ka , da ne lelaki . speaking lu k < whaha :P> when i get out of the toilet at school , this boy he accidently touch my boobs . and that is the very embrassing moments to me . b'cause that is recess time & there are a lot of student passing by . so , i get to my class . i was really mad , then i tell my friends bout that guy . one of my friends know who is thw guy . so she go to the guy class , and i dont know what they talking bout . after 2 periods of geografi class , my and my friends went to the lab . but before that , i must pass his class to get  to the lab . when i pass his class , he stand near his door class and he said sorry to me . idk . mybe he dont mean it . so i said ' its okay ' then i left him . until now , i still mad at that guy . not even that , i felt shame when i pass his class b'cause there are a few of his friends saw what happen that day . What should i do now ? :P
i already told my calvin about what had happen , and he's mad at that guy . I hope they dont fight because of me . But i felt a bit happy when my calvin  mad , because i know that he's care for me ♥